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Marine Electrical Engineering

Private, Charter & Commercial Vessels

Devon Wooden Boats offers marine electrical engineering services for both AC and DC systems. We offer a broad range of services from installing new lights or instruments to fault finding and complete rewires.

Kris is a fully certified Marine Electrical Technician with BMET (British Marine Electrical Technician) and NMEA MEI (Marine Electronics Installer) qualifications under the British Marine Federation schemes. He has direct access to the shipwrights and boatbuilders so custom panels or difficult cable runs that require furniture removal or modification can be carried out to a high standard without requiring third party contractors.

All work is carried out in full compliance of the BMEEA Code of Practice, NMEA 0400 Installation Standard, ISO 10133 (DC Electrics) and ISO 13297 (AC Electrics).

Kris has also worked in IT for many years and has a background in electronics. Read more...

Yard Rates:
Our yard rates for Marine Electrical Services for jobs of less than 8 hours £45 per hour for first 3 hours then £35 per hour until completion.

Jobs estimated at over 8 hours are £35 per hour from the start.

Free storage whilst work is underway if carried out at our premises.

All prices are ex vat.

We are also members of the BMEEA

Electrical Fault Finding & Resolution

As we all know, the marine environment can be a harsh place at times, especially where electricity is concerned. This can lead to a number of faults occurring on vessels from simply annoying to incredibly dangerous. There are also little to no regulations on marine craft when it comes to electrical installation. This can leave vessels, which may have changed hands many times over the years, with potential electrical hazards requiring fault finding and rectification.

We provide a full fault finding service to track down these gremlins and offer advice on further action required. From a flickering cabin light down to those batteries that just won't perform as expected, we aim to track down the problem quickly and efficiently and prioritise any problems found.

We will also advise if your installation conforms to the BMEEA Code of Practice including the ISO marine electrical standards and the Recreational Craft Directive. In our experience, many issues can be solved by bringing your installation in-line with these standards.

If you have a problem that needs fixing -

Design & Installation of All Systems

Many electrical problems on boats come from poor design, poor planning or poor implementation. Splicing a new instrument into existing cabling may be a quick fix but are you introducing a new problem?

When we introduce new equipment, we do a thorough job of examining existing cabling and layout.We then design any alterations or new additions to complement, not detriment your vessel. We will ensure that we do not push the capacity limit of your existing infrastructure nor introduce unnecessary junctions in otherwise unbroken cabling. We always design with servicing in mind, something many neglect, which will lower the overall cost of ownership by cutting down on future labour costs caused by poor access and allow parts of a system to be removed or replaced without cutting wires.

Everything we do conforms to the BMEEA Code of Practice including the ISO standards for marine craft and the Recreational Craft Directive. All electronics introduced are installed to these standards and also the NMEA 0400 standard.

Marine Electrical Engineering - Design & Installation
Marine Electrical Engineering - Electrical Refits

Electrical Refits

We undertake all marine electrical refits from dinghies with a couple of navigation lights right up to large pleasure craft with multiple complex systems on board. We are members of both the British Marine Federation and the British Marine Electrical & Electronics Association and qualified BMET and NMEA MEI installers, giving you confidence that you are dealing with competent professionals who take their work seriously. We aim to meet any budget so long as safety comes first!

We like to use our refit work as a showcase demonstrating how proud we are of our work. All cabling will be a work of art, electrically speaking. You will not find loose or untidy cabling anywhere on our refits with all cabling laid out in a very logical manner.

Something we pride ourselves on as a company is our ability to hide otherwise visible cabling without compromising serviceability.

All refit work, as with all our work, will be provided with fully marked cables along with a legend and instructions.

Minor Electrical Jobs

We like doing the minor electrical jobs. Many others say 'No job too small' but here at Devon Wooden Boats we really do mean it! These are the jobs as small as replacing a switch, fuse or awkward bulb: jobs that take less than an hour. We can often give on the spot advice too.

Our smaller jobs are not rushed either. All our work will be carried out to the BMEEA Code of Practice, tested and documented giving you peace of mind that these little jobs have been done properly.

Marine Electrical Engineering - Minor Jobs
Marine Electrical Engineering - Computers & Networking

IT, Network & Marine Computer Systems

Our Marine Electrician also has a BSc(Hons) degree in computing and has worked in the IT industry for years looking after small to medium sized business networks & computer systems and also looks after all our IT.
We offer marine IT products and services including PCs and network equipment designed to work in the marine environment including fan-less industrial solid-state PC equipment with no moving parts to fail, waterproof computer equipment and screens which work in sunlight.
We can also offer wired and wireless networking throughout your vessel including 4G and marina WiFi tethering along with satellite links for those away from shore.

We install both twisted pair cabling as standard or fibre optic where passing through hostile environments (engine room) or close to magnetically sensitive equipment such as fluxgate compasses.

Bespoke Hardware

Innovation is one of our strong points. We are always on the lookout for new technology and to build custom bespoke hardware, especially when it can enhance traditional vessels, without spoiling the look and feel of the craft.

Kris, our marine electrical engineer, is also a strong programmer with a background in electronics who can design and implement bespoke hardware for your requirements. One such innovation is shown in the picture during the final design stages.